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Table of Contents:

-The Drake Equation and what it may mean for us

-Possible catastrophic events

-Ways to prevent catastrophe


-The Survival Plan

-Possible utopias

-Possible dystopias

-Book recommendations

-Movie recommendations

-Future technology

-Free literature

-Personal survival

-Public forum


Threat Board Archives:


A New Space Race

Man With Drug-Resistant TB Takes Half a Dozen Flights

Turkey Prepares Military to Hit Back at Iraqi Kurds

Fighting Resumes in Lebanon

Iran Refuses to Suspend Uranium Enrichment

Lots of Planets in our Galaxy

U.S. Missile Defense Spurs Russia to Develop New Weapons

Bush Again Rejects any Sort of Agreement to Halt Climate Change

Will the Dem Congress Side With the Coal Lobbyists?

Iraq Is Already the New Terrorist Training Ground

Fighting Continues in Palestinian Territories

Competition for Human Kidneys

Georgia:  Tying Up Loose Ends?

Iran and the U.S. Discuss Iraq

Pelosi - The New Face of America

Estonia:  After the Cyber Attack

Climate Change Kills a Town

Can Europe Deal with Muslim Immigration?

Are Women the Future of Algeria?

Yemen Buys Up Civilian Arms

Chavez Closes Opposition TV Station

DHS Not Focused on Terrorism?

American GIs Begin to Doubt the Effectiveness of the War

Pelosi - Global Warming Diplomat

Cyber Terrorism Could Cripple the West

Cheney May be Planning a War with Iran

Israel Detains dozens of Hamas Members

27 Million for a Museum about Dinosaurs on the Ark?

The U.S. Helps to Re-Supply Lebanon

The Dem. Congress Votes to Continue Giving Bush a Blank Check on the Iraq War

China Improves its ability to Hit the U.S. with Nuclear Weapons

Smart Sabotage Is Delaying the Iranian Nuke

UN Peacekeepers Trade Arms for Gold

China Quickly Moving Up in the Space Race

U.S. Congress Considers Creating New Nearly Mandatory ID

Anbar Improves While Baghdad Fails

Iran Expands its Illegal Uranium Enrichment Program

U.S. Warships Practice Maneuvers Near Iran

Chavez Stomps on the Freedom of the Press

Democrats Capitulate Completely on Troop Funding Bill

Large Silica Deposits Imply Wet Mars

Google Plans to Obtain More Information on You

Billions Lost Due to Iraqi Corruption

The Bush Administration Considers The Next Step After the Surge Fails

Iraqi Kindergartners Express Their Interest in Bombing Their School

Iran Plans Gurriella Offensive to Drive the U.S. Out of Iraq

Religious Leaders Issue Call for Action on Global Warming

Lebanon Needs Money and Guns to Fight Islamists

Iraq Planning for U.S. Pullout

Energy Use to Grow 57 Percent by 2030

The Taliban Receives More Funding

Gas Prices Are the Highest Ever

Colorado Monkey Dead from Bubonic Plague

Iran Expels Afghan Refugees - An Attempt to Destabilize Afghanistan?

Pelosi to Go on Global Warming Tour

Islamic Militants Battle Lebanese Military

Gordon Brown to Withdraw Britain from Iraq?

Canadian Airlines May Gain Increased Powers to Ban Dangerous Passengers

Brits Question Whether Wi-Fi Can Harm Developing Brains

Major CO2 Sink Full - Will Global Warming Speed Up?

UK to Allow Human-Animal Hybrids for Stem Cell Research

Ron Paul Didn't Know that it's Un-American to Discuss the Motives for Terror

Al Gore Argues that TV Threatens Reasoned Debate

Our Goal for Afghanistan is to Make it More Like Columbia??

Russia Behind a Cyberwar on Estonia?

Fatah and Hamas Fight - Will Hamas Drag Israel In?

Senate Votes to Continue Funding the Iraq War

Will Antarctica Melt?

5 Years Left to Save the Planet?

Bolton Calls for an Attack on Iran

North Korea is Developing a New Long-Range Missile

Europe Will Continue to Get Hotter - Even if North Atlantic Current Shuts Down

Iran Enriching Uranium on a Larger Scale

Blair Says He May Be Able to Convince Bush to Fight Climate Change

Physicists Plan to Recreate Big-Bang Conditions on Earth

Intel Chief Supports Global Warming Study

Gas Prices Hit a New Record in the U.S.

Cheney's Empty Threats Embolden Ahmadinejad - Again

Good News: Europeans Dislike Terrorists Slightly More Than Jews

Army General Speaks Out About U.S. Failure in Iraq

Bush vs. the U.S. House:  Stand-off Over the Iraq Funding Bill

FCC to Force Media Content Providers to Promote Good Nutrition?

How Easy is it to Meddle With Democracy in America?

Face Recognition Technology to Fight Terror

Should We Get Rid of Down Syndrome?

Rupert Murdoch?????  Says His Company Will Cut CO2 Emissions

Climate Change Threatens CA Water Supply

All or Nothing:  Bush Threatens to Veto Limited War Funding Bill

Republicans Tell Bush that He's Running Out of Rope

Is Peace Possible in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Blair Stepping Down

Cheney Warns Iraqis, AGAIN, that the Clock is Ticking

A Limit to the Power of Fundamentalism in Kansas

Looking for Life on Mars

U.S. Senate Committee Approves Bill to Raise MPG Standards to 35

China's Stock Market Continues to Rise Despite All Warnings

Lloyd's of London Offers Gloomy Forecast Regarding Climate Change

British Fertilization Clinic Plans to Weed Out Squinty Children

Britain Faced with Growing Population of the Unemployable

A Slim Hope for Better Economic Practices in France?

A Large Crowd Accepts a Former Thief and Heroin Addict as Their Deity

Do Large Families Use Up Too Many Resources?

Should People Who are Considered Terror Suspects be Allowed to Buy Guns?

Bill Clinton Explains Why Government Does Little to Prevent Predicted Disasters

U.N. Delegates Approve the First Roadmap to Stable Greenhouse Gas Levels

Good News from Saudi Arabia

Clinton Introduces a Resolution to End the War

One More Step Toward Failed Economic Policies

Another Advancement in Computer Processing Speeds

Easy Sex Selection?

Developing Nations Claim that They're Already Doing Enough to Cut CO2 Emissions

Virgin Atlantic lends a Tiny Bit of Credibility to 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Surprise, the Iraqi Government Doesn't Respect Religious Freedom

A New Israeli Prime Minister with the Strength Disengage from the Palestinians?

Some Experts Warn of Mid-East Catastrophe After Iraq Pull-out

Showdown Over Iraq Funding Continues

Gas Prices to Hit New High

Palestinian Legislater Calls for the Murder of All Jews and Americans

Can Coral be Reborn?

Putin Can't Account for Some Russian Nukes

Turkish Secularists and Military Contemplate the Rise of Islam

Games that Read Your Mind?

US State Department - Iraq War Causes Increase in Terrorism

US Subsidizes Anti-US Propaganda and Holocaust Denial in Mid-East

0.5 Trillion Spent on Iraq

Iraqi Reconstruction Fails

How Our Generals Failed Us.

Will Britain Remain a Free Society?

One Step Closer to Computer Simulations of the Human Brain

Struggle for the Fate of Iran

Leftist Whips up Anti-Americanism in France

Americans Want Renewable Energy - But Not Gas Taxes

Putin To Relinquish Rule

Dems Pass Anti-War Bill - Bush Plans Veto

McCain Calls Iraq War a Tragedy

Torture Necessary in War on Terror?

Bees Die in Taiwan as Well

Tehran Defends its Nuclear Program

Autonomous Robots that Can Shoot to Kill

Terrorism - Caused by Global Warming?

Earthlike Planet Found 20 Light Years Away!

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster than Expected!

Wi-Fi, a Health Time Bomb?

Cell Phones - Killing Bees and Brains?

China to Emit More CO2 then the U.S.