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Table of Contents:

-The Drake Equation and what it may mean for us

-Possible catastrophic events

-Ways to prevent catastrophe


-The Survival Plan

-Possible utopias

-Possible dystopias

-Book recommendations

-Movie recommendations

-Future technology

-Free literature

-Personal survival

-Public forum


Future Technology:

This page exists to promote new ideas for future technologies.  If you have any ideas for possible technologies that will make a positive difference in the world, please feel free to contribute them.  Ideas alone are fine, you don't have to have a complete design (although designs are always welcome).  By submitting your idea, you are entering it into the public domain.  As such, to whatever extent legally possible, all persons are prohibited from obtaining exclusive rights to any idea posted on this page.  Additionally, any and every person has the right to develop and sell any technology written about on this page. 

In order to be posted, ideas must appear plausible to the site administrators.  Further, they must seem likely to have either a positive or a neutral effect on our future.  Finally they should be new ideas - not something that someone is already developing.  All ideas can be submitted to .