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Table of Contents:

-The Drake Equation and what it may mean for us

-Possible catastrophic events

-Ways to prevent catastrophe


-The Survival Plan

-Possible utopias

-Possible dystopias

-Book recommendations

-Movie recommendations

-Future technology

-Free literature

-Personal survival

-Survival Gear

-Public forum


The Future Watch was created by a group of people who are very concerned about humanity's future.  Most people have trouble coming to terms with the fact that our species could face extinction during our lifetimes.  Yet, a fair analysis of the potential threats from bio-terrorism and, potentially, nano technology, reveals that our extinction is a very real possibility.  Furthermore, some number of lesser disasters are almost guaranteed - and many of these could threaten the cohesiveness of our civilization.  That said, we are not without hope.  We can avert most of the disasters that threaten us.  And, advancing technology combined with the spread of wealth, good governance, and democratic freedoms may mean that for the first time in our history as a species, most people have access to sufficient food sources, to clean water, and to an education.

It is the opinion of those who established this website that vigorous discussion and thoughtful planning will help us to avert disaster.  As such, we would like this website to be a resource for citizens and policy makers across the world.  The threats that we face are too large for any of us to ignore.