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Table of Contents:

-The Drake Equation and what it may mean for us

catastrophic events

-Ways to prevent


-The Survival Plan

-Possible utopias

-Possible dystopias

-Book recommendations

-Movie recommendations

-Future technology

-Free literature

-Personal survival

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We live in a pivotal time.  During the next century, the fruits of prosperity may be extended to the majority of the human race, or we may face the collapse of civilization and the possible extinction of our species.  The authors of this website believe that not enough people are aware of the changes that may be in store for us, and we hope that this website will help prompt informed discussion about the possibilities for our shared future.

The links on the left and above will lead you to the rest of the site.  Below is The Threat Board, which lists links to recent news stories that relate to major threats we will face in the future.  Please feel free to send us your thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

The Threat Board  

Western Oil Companies Willing to Invest in Iraq

China:  Good and Bad

Republicans Attempt to Rig the Election

No Pullout with Bush in Office

80 Lashes for Sex and Alcohol

The Sea Ice is Disappearing

Artificial Life in 3-10 Years

The U.S. Army is Running Out of Soldiers

Iran Shells Iraqi Kurds

How Karl Rove Used American Tax Dollars to Elect Republicans

Las Vegas Has 3 Years of Water Left

The Politics of God:  Will the World Turn to Reason?

Democrats May Have Accidentally Given Away Our Rights (Temporarily)

Bush OKs More Use of Spy Satallites for Domestic Spying

Global Stock Markets Continue to Suffer

Iraqi Women - Prostituting Themselves to Survive

4000 Coalition Deaths in Iraq

How Foreign Aid Can go to Domestic Businesses and NGOs

China Continues to Refuse to Act Responsibility When it Comes to Disease

Giuliani Panders on Immigration

NY Times Admits Our World May be a Simulation

U.S.  Labels Iranian Military as Terrorists

Coordinated Attacks on Tuesday Kill 175 in Iraq

Gingrich Uses Crazy Rhetoric on Immigration

Romney Dumbs Down War for Cheap Soundbite

Russia Flys More Missions Near USA

Secrecy Protects Surveillance Program From Court Review

Krugman:  Liquidity Runs Dry

Less Ice in the Arctic

Seriously?  A Draft?

China to go High-Tech to Track People

Millions for Surveillance Cameras

U.S. Housing Woes Cause Ripple Effect

Finding Terrorists with Technology

Musharraf May Declare State of Emergency

Odd Weather

How Would a Terrorist Attack?

Canada Refuses to Relinquish the Arctic

China Threatens to Crush U.S. Economy

More Iranian Weapons Kill American Soldiers

The British Withdraw Precipitously

Polluters are Liars

Every Purchase, Medical Record, Phone Bill

Surveillance Society

All Online


Our Lives Online

Russia May have Dropped a Bomb on Georgia

Could There Possibly be Any Good News from Iraq?

Beijing Cracks Down on Media

No Privacy!

Is Terrorism Easy?

Yet Another Discussion of Victory in Iraq

Obama May Send Troops Into Pakistan

Protection for Confidential Sources

Goodbye WSJ

$4,000 per Second

Is He More Machine Now Than Man?

Putin:  The Thief

Sunni Bloc Leaves Iraqi Cabinet

Third Largest Dead Zone Ever Mapped

The Number of Tropical Storms in the Atlantic Have Doubled During the Past Century

New British PM Praises Bush

The Tighter You Grasp it, the More it will Slip Through Your Fingers

The Only Good News for Iraq

Russia:  Responsible World Player

What Will Happen to the Broadcast Spectrum?

Regulating DNA

Zimbabwe Arrests Shopkeepers for Not Cutting Prices

Too Many Fingers in the Iraqi Pie

The Stock Market Falls

Sabotage Attempted on Space Station

3 Million an Hour for Shell Oil

Chinese Spies

Russia Plans to Activate Iranian Reactor

Soccer:  Overcoming Fear

Bloomberg:  Country in Dire Straits

Movies to End the War?

Bush Administration Officials Lie to Congress

McCain Takes Another Blow

Too Bad for Nevada

Iran Will "Never" Yield to Pressure to End Nuclear Program

Will Bloomberg Run?

A New Strategy to End the War

Lebanon's War

A New Predator off the Coast of California

RFID Tags for HIV Victims?

Insanity in Iran

The Heatwave Kills 500 in Hungary

Heated Discussion in U.S.-Iranian Talks

Bush Pushes for Unlimited Power

Al Qaeda Faces Internal Dissent

Airlines Insecure

The Sign of the Beast

Chavez Plans to Expel Foreigners Who Disagree with Him

China:  Exporting Pollution

Japan's New Military Makes its Neighbors Nervous

"You Want My Money"

The Pentagon Attacks Hillary

The Commanders in Iraq Appeal for More Time

Ahmadinejad Threatens Israel Again

70 House Members Vow Not to Support Iraq Funding Without a Withdrawal Deadline

The Senate Moves Closer to Withdrawal

Nuclear Secrets Stolen

Don't Eat Beef

Are the Bees Being Killed by a Parasite?

Israel Releases Palestinian Prisoners

One Word to Describe Iraq - "Fear"

A Taliban Warlord Declares Peace?

1000 New Fires Since Monday

How Bad Will it Be?

Bigger than Expected Problems Due to Earthquake at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Al Qaeda Rebuilt

More Talks with Iran?

Another Crazy Bastard

Islamist Creationism

Iraqis Smuggled Across the Rio Grande

The Journal on the Brink

A Bigger Surge?

All Night Debate in the Senate

Conservative Paper Calls Bush's Iraq Policy "a Prescription for American Suicide"

Russia and Britain Continue to Square Off

Iran Crackdowns on Inappropriate Dress

Political Gridlock on Iraq

The Solution to the Iraq War

Iranians Want Democracy and Peace

Bush to Push Peace in Mid-East

Glaciers Retreating

Little Money for Solar Research

Another Gilded Age

Not Enough Food

Flooding Pushes Up Oil Prices (Climate Change Causes...)

A Last Ditch Effort to Save the Wall Street Journal

Robotic Weapons Bound for Iraq

Showdown:  London Vs. Moscow

American Culture?

That Crazy Bastard

Young Adults Don't Care About the News

General Says No Pull-Out Till Spring

Terror Threats Against American Buildings in Israel

Iraqi Leaders Unaware of How Much they Need U.S. Strength

Al Qaeda Has Regained Much of its Former Strength

House Dems Pass Bill Mandating Iraq Withdrawal

Al Qaeda on the Offensive

Big Hole in Radiological Security

Climate Change in New England

Oil is Getting More Expensive

The Importance of Considering the Whole Problem

Iraq:  Some Progress, Many Failures

More Cameras

Al Qaeda in the U.S.

U.S. Officials Worried about Summer Terrorism

Bush Says Troop Pull Back will Happen "in Awhile"

McCain Campaign Crumbling?

Will Gonzales Get Away with Lying?

U.S. Sends a Third Carrier to the Persian Gulf

Dingell Vs. Pelosi:  Global Warming

Democrats Plan More Votes on the War

Greenland Occasionally Green

Giant California Solar Farm in the Works

Coming Soon:  Plug-in Hybrids

Terrorists Target Afghan Schools

Politics Trump Science in the Bush Whitehouse

Did We Let Al Qaeda Leaders Go?

Should We be Searching for "Weird Life"

America Not a Popular Destination any More

A Possible Savior for the Wall Street Journal?

More Surveillance

Tainted Food from China

More Bombs in Iraq

Republican Defections Forcing the Bush Administration to Consider Draw Down

The Arab League Heads to Israel

Japan Re-Glorifies WWII History

Israel Releases Palestinian Prisoners to Bolster Ties with Fatah

Continued Clashes Between Tamil Tigers and Sri Lankan Forces

A Moderate Alternative to Islamic Extremism

Putin's "Patriotic" Youth

Domenici Turns on Bush War Plan

45 Doctors/Terrorists

The U.S.:  No Longer a Home for the Best and the Brightest?

How Accepting Defeat Saved the British Empire

The Islamicization of Germany

How Much Can be Outsourced?

Brazil:  On the Path to Success

Bad Weather in Britain

Russia and the West Continue to Face-off Over Missile Shield

Thank God for Luck

People Can Be Sick

The Fall Guy Doesn't Fall

Iraqi Troops Still Under Prepared

New Drug to Delete Memories

The Saudis Fight Terror

Oil Prices Close Above $71 a Barrel

McCain Campaign Has Money Troubles

Doctors Plan Terror Attack

62 Insurgents, 45 Civilians

The Future of Space Travel?

Genetics - More Complicated Than We Expected

Officials Fear Major Attacks This Summer

Lieberman Calls for More Surveillance of Americans

British Security Forces Conduct Raids Around the Country

The Mayor of London Defends Muslims from Fear and Prejudice

Biggest Concert on Earth

Major Flooding in Pakistan

Chavez and Ahmadinejad Meet to Plot Ways to Advance Idiocy

Al Gore Advocates New Climate Treaty

Unrest Over Gas Prices Grows in Iran

Santa Claus in Danger - Putin Attempts to Annex the North Pole

Risks and Rewards - We're Begun Designing More Useful Life

Moscow Tests a New Missile

Oil Above $70 a Barrel Again

U.S. Constitutional Showdown

Chavez Hints at a Desire to Take Venezuela into the Nuclear Age

Wall Street Journal Reporters Fight for the Integrity of their Paper

Buffett Points Out that He Pays a Lower Tax Rate than His Secretary

Immigration Bill Under Threat

U.S. Distrusted

Extreme Weather

12 Gas Stations Burned in Tehran

Half the World in Cities

U.S. Senate Resurects Immigration Bill

Protests in Iran - A Response to Gas Rationing

New Republican Anti-War Sentiment

Pyschological Profiler Says Chavez Will Declare Himself President for Life

Roberts Court Appears to Side with Conservatives Regardless of Judicial Merit

Parasites Can Cause Mental Changes

Lugar Changes His Mind on Iraq

Did the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Cross Into Iraq?

The Reign of Rupert Murdoch

Preparing for Cyberwar

Iran Cracks Down on Dissidents

Chavez Rants About Guerrilla War With the U.S.

Bush Looks for a Way to Convince Congress to Continue Supporting His War

Citizen Journalists Fight for Freedom in China

The Unintended Effects of Drug Use

Israel Plans to Release Palestinian Funds to Abbas

How Tolerant Can Britain Be?

Great Britain and Poland Work to Scuttle EU Talks

World Trade Talks Collapse

Global Warming:  Bad Days in Europe

Iran Issues Ambiguous Nuclear Threat In Response to Possible New Sanctions

Gitmo May Close

Hacker Gains Access to Pentagon Email System

A Mob Unleashed

Senate Democrats Manage to Pass a Bill That Would Raise Fuel Efficiency Standards

Nigerian Troops Raid Oil Facility and Free Hostages

Lebanon Strikes Back Against Fatah Islam Militants

The Press Turns on Murdoch

Pelosi Admits Iraq War is a Tragic Mistake

Practicing for a Trip to Mars

Birds Are Disappearing

China Passes U.S. As World's Biggest CO2 Producer

Bloomberg Leaves GOP - Will He Play Spoiler in 2008?

Democrats do Little to End Corrupt Earmarking Practices

White House Breaks the Law?

Suicide Bombers Sent to U.S. and Europe

Many Muslims Are Enraged at Salman Rushdie's Knighthood

Scientists Say Earth may be Facing Imminint Peril

Bunkers Gaining in Popularity

Did Climate Change Trigger the Genocide in Darfur?

Moth Threatens California Wine

Rockets from Lebanon Land in Israel

Bomber Kills 35 Afghan Police

Abbas Outlaws Hamas Militia

Army General who Investigated Abu Ghraib Forced into Retirement

FBI Overstepping its Bounds

Half a Million on FBI Terrorist Watch List

Chavez Buying Subs to Take Out American Naval Blockade??

Republicans Take Stand Against Democrat Abuse of Earmarking Authority

Civil War:  Abbas Dismisses Hamas Government - Declares State of Emergency

Baghdad Under New Curfew

Will Oil Supplies Decline Too Soon?

Top Dems Tell Bush: "Surge Has Failed"

Genetic Manipulation Acceptable in Dog Racing

UN Criticizes All Sides in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Blair Suggests More Regulation of the Press

Democrats Plan to Continue Weak Attempt to End the War

Google Becomes Slightly More Friendly to Privacy Rights

Bush Pushes GOP on Immigration

CDC Investigating Sick Passengers from Mexico

Iran Likely Arming the Taliban

Oil Demand Continues to Rise

Palestine Moves Toward Civil War

Americans Accidentally Kill 7 Afghan Police Officers

China Sees Problems With Corn-Based Ethanol

China Polluted

Denver Plans to Punish Polluters

Terrorist Threat Does Not Invalidate the Rule of Law in the U.S.

Harry Reid Stands Against an Attack on Iran

A War Brewing in the Mid-East?

Lieberman Proposes the U.S. Attack Iran

America Facing Drought

Will Sarkozy Have the Strength to Retool French Economy?

China on Flood Alert

Joint U.S.-Israel Military Exercise Begins

What Can We Do to Keep Terrorist Ideologies Out of Prison?

Will Putin Return?

Assimilation Defeated

Progress in Anbar

200 Dead in Baghdad So Far this June

The U.S. Senate Says No to Assimilation

Bush Moves Forward, Albeit Almost Imperceptibly, On Preventing Climate Change

Electricity Through the Air

A Russian-U.S. Compromise on Expensive Missile Defense System that Won't Work?

Edwards Tells the Truth - America is Less Safe


Iran Extends a Hand in Friendship - To the Taliban

Turkish Troops Enter Iraq

Chinese Censorship So Effective That the Censors Don't Know What To Censor

Cell Phones That Detect WMDs

Are They Serious??  Republicans Suggest Nuking Iran

Censorship Becoming More Pervasive on the Net

Reprieve:  CERN Experiment Delayed

The Sound of Greenland Melting

Bush Plans to Criticize Putin's "Democracy"

Google a Tool for Terrorists

Censorship Suffers a Defeat in U.S.

France Gets SLIGHTLY Tougher on Illegal Immigrants

Chinese Stocks Fall

Iran Stands Firm in Nuclear Standoff

Argument Over Assimilation Tears Republican Party Apart

Corruption Endemic In U.S. Congress

Plot to Blow Up JFK Airport Foiled

Ahmadinejad Says He Sees Countdown to Israel's End

Global Warming May be Proceeding Much Faster than Previous Worst Case Estimates

Putin Responds to Missile Defense by Saying He Will Target His Missiles at Europe

Bush Says We Need to Reduce CO2 Emissions????

Iranian Weapons in Taliban Hands

Privacy in the Google Age

TB Andy Shows Flaws in Disease Control System